Elizabeth Thompson (2020) – All the Feels

You will know exactly if Elizabeth Thompson is speaking to you. How? You will feel it! You will feel relieved that you are not the only one who seems to always have some intense emotion going on – very happy, very sad, very everything. You will feel her tears and breakthroughs as you discover the world of those who seem to be spared all these feelings.

The truth is, they are not. Your husband may not be a big feeler like you, but maybe God created him to be a steady or reluctant feeler to make room for your gifts to work at their best. As you start to understand how your ability to have deep feelings were designed by God for a specific purpose, it becomes easier to navigate around them. It feels so good to hear Elizabeth Thompson speak right into the big feeling heart that you can’t stop reading!

Elizabeth Thompson brings Bible characters to life by adding empathy that only a deep feeler can master. David’s anguish after sleeping with Bathsheba brings a familiar knot to your stomach that turns to despair and sadness and love in a span of 30 seconds. Fortunately we also learn how to not “borrow burdens”, to manage expectations and anxiety, and we end up saying goodbye to this wonderful friend-captured-in-a-book with joy that will not be overpowered by the small tear in the corner of our eyes. You need to feel it to believe it!

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