Jill Austin (2011) – Master Potter series

I don't do wings or tails or any other fantastical elements when it comes to books and movies. I wish I could enjoy being transported to another world like the rest of my family. The problem is that I do not understand what is happening most of the time. And then... I cried my eyes out about a talking piece of pottery.

It is unbelievable how Jill Austin manages to interweave Beloved's character between the pottery analogy and her human experiences. The fragile vessel's journey takes the reader from desperation to danger to comfort at the Potter's wheel. But all the genius of Jill Austin's unique writing is soon placed on the back burner as you are swept away on a journey of love. I feel like I knew nothing about the love of Christ until I read these books.

In addition to understanding Master Potter's relentless expressions of love in the lives of all his beloved, the roles of other heavenly beings are brought to life expertly. My understanding and awareness of what happens in the spiritual realm was forever changed by Jill Austin's masterpiece.

These books are a must read for anybody who wants to experience a deeper, more intimate love relationship with our Savior.

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