The Sound of Silence


Look, trusting that God is present in silence is one thing. But sleeping? Would you trust God if you found out that He was sleeping? That is the exact challenge the disciples faced when they were with Jesus in a boat on the Sea of Galilee. A vicious storm was raging around them and Jesus was sleeping. Worst of all, when they woke Him, He accused them of not having faith!

Why do you think Jesus expected the disciples to trust his silence while He was sleeping? I have wondered about this for many years until I found a likely answer. Jesus expected the disciples to trust that He would not instruct them to go to the other side of the lake with Him if He never intended for them to make it there alive.

God’s promises and instructions are not booby trapped. If God promised you something or gave you instructions to do something for Him, He has said all that is necessary. He has spoken and his words do not need revisiting or editing. Perhaps He is waiting for you to obey his last words before giving you the next.

We often lose sight of the end goal of our mission when we struggle to hear God in the storms of life. We are so busy questioning Him about where He is that we forget the last words He spoke when He showed us the end destination at the other side of the storm.

What has God promised you when you last heard his voice? What would happen if you stopped questioning his silence and pursued your God given purpose with all your might? “Let’s cross to the other side of the lake” (Mark 4:35, NLT)!

Scripture readings:

Mark 4:35-41

Psalm 121:1-8