The Sound of Silence


The problem with questioning God’s silence like the disciples did in yesterday’s reading is that He is under no obligation to defend Himself with words. During Jesus’ trial before his death on the cross Pilate could not make sense of the fact that Jesus didn’t utter a single word to defend himself against his accusers. “But Jesus said nothing, much to Pilate’s surprise” (Mark 15:5, NLT).

Why are we surprised when God seems silent when we start questioning Him about our lives? In his grace, God has given me thousands of answers throughout the years, and we can be certain that God is delighted when we trust Him enough to ask. However, when He chooses to let us find even greater faith by staying silent for a while, we can rest assured that his goodness never ends.

God is good, all the time. This familiar saying is particularly handy during times of silence. “Has the Lord ever needed anyone’s advice? Does He need instruction about what is good?” (Isaiah 40:14, NLT). God knows best, He does not need your advice. And even when He seems silent, He is still good.

In fact, it may be his goodness that is keeping Him silent. Perhaps if He had to speak right now, it would have to be words that you would not want to hear. Do you think you might be mistaking God’s patience with his absence?

Scripture readings:

Mark 15:1-15

Isaiah 40:12-31

Job 9:32